Titanium Rods & Roundbars

Titanium Rods & Roundbars AVailble Grade 1,Grade 2,Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5,Grade 7,Grade 11


Titanium Round Bar offered by us are highly durable and corrosion resistant. In order to meet the demands of our domestic and international clients, they come in option of varied dimensions, lengths and thickness.

Titanium alloys are metals that contain a mixture of titanium and other chemical elements. Such alloys have very high tensile strength and toughness (even at extreme temperatures). They are light in weight, have extraordinary corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. However, the high cost of both raw materials and processing limit their use to military applications, aircraft, spacecraft, medical devices, highly stressed components such as connecting rods on expensive sports cars and some premium sports equipment and consumer electronics.

Available in Form of : Rods | Bars | Roundbars | Wires

We stock on:
Titanium Round Bars Grade 2
Titanium Round Bars Grade 5. Titanium Round Bars as per ASTM , GB, DIN, ASME.
We can offer round Bar up to 750mm Dia & 6000mm in Length.

Available Grade: GR I, GR -2, GR-3, GR-4, GR-5

    Commercially Pure Titanium:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 11
  • Titanium Alloys:

  • 6Al-4V or Grade 5
  • 6AL-4V ELI or Grade 23
  • Grade 12
  • 5Al-2.5Sn

Our export audiance for Suppying Titanium Roundbars

With the large scale of supplying Network & Ability to cater Giant Project in various large Industries to supply our products as Titanium Roundbars right now we are exporting our products in all Major countries all over the world.some of them are United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Pakistan, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait,Qatar,Yamen Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand We welcome your inquiries.

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