Aluminium Alloy 5086 - UNS 95086 - AMS-QQ-A-200/5

Aluminium Alloy 5086 Rods & Roundbars Available

Alloy 5086 sheets & plates Exporters & Supplier in Switzerland, New Zealand,Netherlands,Brazil,Colombia,Egypt,Iraq,Malaysia,Nigeria,Singapore.

Alro stocks 5086 - an aluminum alloy, primarily alloyed with magnesium. It is not strengthened by heat treatment, instead becoming stronger due to strain hardening, or cold mechanical working of the material. Since heat treatment doesn't strongly affect the strength, 5086 can be readily welded and retain most of its mechanical strength. The good weldability and corrosion properties in seawater make 5086 extremely popular for vessel gangways, and boat/yacht hulls.

Alloy 5086 aluminum Rods & Roundbars have even higher strength than 5052 or 5083 and its mechanical properties vary significantly with hardening and temperature. It is not strengthened by heat treatment; instead, it becomes stronger due to strain hardening or cold working of the material. This alloy can be readily welded, retaining most of its mechanical strength. The good results with welding and good corrosion properties in seawater make Alloy 5086 extremely popular in marine applications. Alloy 5086 has been used in vehicle armor plate due to its high strength factor.



Tank cars

Welded and superstructures

Patrol and work boat hulls

Armor plate

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