Products UNS Number N06617
We use Other Most common names: Alloy 617

INCONEL® alloy 617 is a nickel chromium cobalt molybdenum alloy, with an addition of Aluminum, which is designed to have a combination of increased strength and stability at elevated temperature, whilst retaining the high temperature corrosion resistance of INCONEL® alloy 601. The alloy has been widely employed in gas turbine hot gas paths as combustion cans, ducting and liners.

The limiting chemical composition of INCONEL alloy 617 is listed in Table 1. The high nickel and chromium contents make the alloy resistant to a variety of both reducing and oxidizing media. The aluminum, in conjunction with the chromium, provides oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Solid-solution strengthening is imparted by the cobalt and molybdenum.

The combination of high strength and oxidation resistance at temperatures over 1800°F (980°C) makes INCONEL alloy 617 an attractive material for such components as ducting, combustion cans, and transition liners in both aircraft and land-based gas turbines. Because of its resistance to high-temperature corrosion, the alloy is used for catalyst-grid supports in the production of nitric acid, for heat-treating baskets, and for reduction boats in the refining of molybdenum. INCONEL alloy 617 also offers attractive properties for components of power-generating plants, both fossilfueled and nuclear


Alloy 617 (Inconel 617 ®) is available in Round Bar, Flat Bar, Forging Stock, Extruded Section, Pipe, Tube, Plate, Sheet, Strip, Wire and Welding Wire. Contact Sales for further availability.
UNS N06617
ASTM B 166
WS 2.4663a
ASME SB-166, Boiler Code Sections I, VIII,
SAE AMS 5887, SAE AMS 5888 and SAE AMS 5889
Inconel 617 ®

Inconel 617 Applications: Alloy 617 is used in gas turbines for combustion cans and ducts as well as industrial furnace components and applications where high-temperature corrosion resistance is important.

Inconel 617 Specifications: Alloy 617, Nickel 617, 617 Inconel Alloy, Nickel Alloy 617, A617, UNS N06617

Inconel 617 Available Forms: 617 Alloy Sheet, 617 Alloy Plate, 617 Alloy Bar

Available in Various Form

Nickel Alloy 617 is a nickel-chromium-cobalt alloy that is known primarily for its exceptional metallurgical stability. Also sold under the brand name Inconel® 617, this alloy brings a wide variety of other outstanding properties to users, including:

  • Resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, thanks to added aluminum
  • Good resistance to a wide range of corrosive aqueous environments
  • Resistant to a number of different damaging reducing and oxidizing media
  • Cobalt and molybdenum impart a solid-solution strengthening
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Ease of joining through most conventional welding techniques

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Note : INCONEL® and INCOLOY® are registered trademarks of Special Metals (PCC)