Stainless Steel Screwed Fittings Manufacturer

OZAIR TRADELINK is most acknowledged and well known name as a manufacturer, exporter & suppliers of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, available in a variety or grades size in range, materials, and finishes, in metric and inch sizes.
We are a family owned, full line fastener distributor specializing in industrial products for companies involved in Equipment Manufacturing, Mining, Oil Refineries, Chemical manufacturing, Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing, Utilities and Transportation, and Industrial Construction.

OZAIR TRADELINK carries a variety of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and High Nickel Alloy -F467 NiCu 400 (Monel) and commercial 304, 316 Stainless Steel. We supply Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings at great price.

We also offer Screwed Fittings fabricated from metals and alloys such as ss 304 & 304l, 304H Screwed Fittings, ss 316 & 316l, 316H Screwed Fittings & ss 317 & 317l Screwed Fittings & SS 321 & 321h Screwed Fittings etc.

The Screwed Fittings manufactured at our units is masterpiece in true sense. Its rugged construction has made us one the most accountable Manufacturers & Suppliers of Stainless Steel Screwed Fittings all over the world..

150L, BS, NPT, DIN Threaded Fittings, All fitting dimensions conform to ANSI B 16.3, Material per ASTM A351 CF8[304] & CF8M, threads conform to ANSI B 2.1

90 Elbows 90
  90R Reducing Elbows 90
  130 Tees
  130R Reducing Tees
  180 Crosses
  92 Street Elbows 90
  120 Elbows 45
  340 Unions female & female,conical joint
  340B Unions butt-welding conical joint
  341 Unions male & female,conical joint
  331B Unions, butt-welding, with teflon gasket
  330 Unions,flat seat with teflon gasket
  291 Square Plugs
  291H Hexagon Plugs
  241 Hexagon Bushings
  280 Hexagon Nipples
  245 Reducing Hexagon Nipples
  300 Hexagon Caps
  301 Round Caps
  240 Reducing Socket banded
  270 Socket(Coupling) banded
  270H Half Socket (Coupling)
  280H Hose Nipple
  310 Lock Nuts