Nimonic Alloy

Nimonic Alloy 90,75,80,80A,C263 Available

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NIMONIC alloys are primarily composed of nickel and chromium. These alloys are known for their high-temperature low-creep and high performance. Additives like aluminium, carbon and titanium are infused into the alloy. The NIMONIC alloy was first developed in 1940 in England. NIMONIC alloys available commercially are NIMONIC 75, NIMONIC 80A, 81, 86, NIMONIC PE11 and 16..

Nimonic 80A UNS N07080

Alloy 80A | ASTM B637 | DIN 17742 | HR201 | Nickel-Chromium Alloy | WL Nr. 2.4631

Nimonic Alloy 80A is a nickel-chromium alloy similar to Nimonic alloy 75 but made precipitation hardenable by additions of aluminium and titanium. Alloy 80A has good corrosion and oxidation resistance and high tensile and creep-rupture properties at temperature to 815ºC (1500ºF).

Nimonic 80A UNS N07080 Roundbars,wires,sheets and plates Available.

Nimonic 90 UNS N07090

Alloy90 | AMS 5829 | Alloy 90 | MSRR 7137 | NiCr20Co18Ti

Nimonic 90 is a super alloy of nickel-chromium-cobalt, known for both its strength and its ability to withstand extremely high temperature. Typically used in temperature ranging from 100 degrees Celsius to +650 degrees Celsius, Nimonic 90 is a popular alloy in the aerospace and aircraft industries. It is widely used in such applications as valves in turbo motors and blades and discs in gas turbines.

Nimonic 90 UNS N07090 Roundbars,wires,sheets and plates Available.

Nimonic 75 UNS N06075

Nickel Alloy 75 | AMS 5715 | MSRR 7004 | AFNOR NC 20T | BS HR 5 | DIN 17752

Nimonic Alloy 75 (UNS N06075) is a nickel-chromium alloy with good mechanical properties and oxidation resistance at high temperature. Alloy 75 is most commonly used for sheet metal fabrications which require oxidation and scaling resistanc together with medium strength at high operating temperature. Alloy 75 is also used in gas turbine engines, for components of industria furnaces, for heat treating equipment and fixtures, and in nuclear engineering.

Nimonic 75 UNS N06075 Roundbars,wires,sheets and plates Available.

Nimonic 263 UNS N07263

Haynes Alloy 263 | Nickel Alloy 263 | Nicrofer 5120 | Hastelloy C263 | AMS 5872 | ALLOY 263 | DIN 2.4650

Alloy C263 is an aluminum-titanium age hardening nickel base superalloy welding wire. Gas tungsten arc welding is normally carried out using argon shielding gas. Argon +5% hydrogen has been used. Alloy C263 base metal is normally welded in the annealed condition 2100°F, rapid cool). After welding, the assembly may be aged 8 hours at 1470°F, air cool. Repair welding of alloy C263 components may be done in the age hardened condition.

Nimonic 263 UNS N07263 Roundbars,wires,sheets and plates Available.


The NIMONIC alloy 80A , 75 , 90 , 263 is used in the following applications:

  • Gas turbine engineering
  • Automobile exhaust valves
  • Die-casting inserts and cores
  • Nuclear boiler tube parts.