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Nitronic32 UNS N24100 Common Trade Names ( Nitronic32 UNS N24100 )

Discover unparalleled quality with Nitronic 32 Sheets & Plates. As a trusted stockist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and across India, we ensure premium products for your diverse industrial needs. Elevate your projects with our precision-crafted Nitronic 32 sheets and plates, meeting the highest standards of excellence. Nitronic® stainless steels are austenitic, high-strength, corrosion-resistant products that provide higher-performance alternatives to many conventional 300 and 400 Series stainless steels.
Available in ingot, billet, bar, wire, plate and master melt products, Nitronics® offer approximately twice the strength of 300 Series stainless steels.
Nitronic® alloys provide excellent mechanical properties at both sub-zero and elevated temperatures, impact resistance at low temperatures and, superb resistance to high- temperature oxidation yet retain good weldability and fabricability, and remain non-magnetic even after extensive cold working.

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