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Inconel 693 - UNS N06693

Inconel 693 alloy sheets,plates,roundbars,Pipes,tubes,wires,weldingrods,etc.

INCONEL ALLOY693 UNS Number N06693 Other Most common names: Alloy 693

We are dealing in inconel alloy 693 Nicrofer 6030 raw materials as sheets,plates,coils,roundbars,wires,weldingrods,pipes,tubes and fitting items in india and export to all over the world.we do supplly all inconel 690 products as per our customer requirement and specifications.
inconel alloy 693 offers the best resistance to metal dusting in chemical and petrochemical processing environments of any conventional alloy currently manufactured.

inconel alloy 693 typically contains 60.5% nickel, 29% chromium, and 3.1% aluminum. Like its predecessor,

inconel alloy 693 the alloy’s high chromium content gives it excellent resistance to oxidation and sulphidation. However, the addition of 3.1% aluminum to alloy 693 vastly improves resistance to other forms of high temperature corrosion as well.

Thermal Stability
inconel alloy 693 is commonly used for service at temperatures between 1000° and 1400°F (538° and 760°C).

The substantial chromium content gives the alloy outstanding resistance to oxidizing chemicals and to high-temperature oxidizing gases.
The high level of nickel imparts resistance to stress- corrosion cracking in chloride-containing environments as well as to sodium hydroxide solutions
In various types of high-temperature water, alloy 690 displays low corrosion rates and excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking

Typical Applications:
tail-gas reheaters used in nitric acid personion and heating coils and tanks for nitric/hydrofluoric solutions used in pickling of stainless steels and reprocessing of nuclear fuels
coal-gasification units
burners and ducts for processing sulfuric acid
furnaces for petrochemical processing, recuperators, incinerators, and glass vitrification
equipment for radioactive waste disposal
steam generator tubes, baffles, tubesheets, and hardware in nuclear power generation

Other relevant :

we also stockiest and suppliers of inconel 617 alloy which is high temprature resistance alloys where

we supply in the form of roundbars,sheets,plates,coils,wires,weldingrods,pipes,tubes,flanges,fittings and fastners.

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