Maraging 300 steel roundbars.

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Maraging Steel 300/ C300 AMS 6514, AMS 6521.

UNS K93120 ASTM A579 AMS 6514 - Bar SAE AMS 6514 and AMS 6521 (UNS K93160) - Sheet, Strip, Plate MIL S 46850, MIL S 13881 Werkstoff Nr. 1.6358 and 1.6354 Also known as Type 300, Maraging 300, C300 Vdimor 300 Vascomax C300.

Maraging 300 (Vascomax C300) roundbars an age hardenable iron-nickel steel alloy melted as VIM + VAR with ultra high strength and toughness.This alloy is easily machinable in the annealed condition prior to final heat treatment.This grade has increased strength from Maraging 250 but slightly less toughness.

The unique properties makes it suitable for many critical aerospace applications. Maraging steels are well-known for their outstanding combination of strength, fracture toughness and machinability in the solution annealed condition, minimum distortion during subsequent aging.These steels are used in industrial applications that demand these properties,such as in aerospace technology.

Maraging300 (Vascomax300) Roundbars,wires,sheets and plates Available.


  •  ASTM A579 grade 73
  •  UNS K93120


  •  Aircraft Wing Components and Forging
  •  Bearings
  •  Bolts
  •  Couplings
  •  Fan Shafts In Commercial Jet Engines
  •  Helicopter Drive Shafts
  • Rocket motor and Missile cases
  •  Transmission Shafts

Excellent Mechanical Properties

High yield and ultimate tensile strengths

High toughness, ductility, and impact strengths

High fatigue strength

High compressive strength

Hardness and wear resistance sufficient for many tooling applications

Excellent Workability

Easily machined

Readily formed – cold, warm, or hot (without in-process anneals) High resistance to crack propagation

Excellent polishability

Good weldability

Excellent Heat Treatment

Characteristics Low furnace temperatures required Precipitation hardening, aging heat treatment Uniform, predictable shrinkage during heat treatment Minimal distortion during heat treatment Through-hardening without quenching No protective atmosphere required Freedom from carburization or decarburization

Advantages During Application

Low coefficient of expansion minimizes heat checking

Pitting and corrosion resistance superior to common tool steel

Good repair weldability

Excellent mechanical properties have led to longer tool life

Easily reworked and retreated for secondary tool life

Cobalt has many characteristics including stress and corrosion resistance at high temperatures, other uses of Cobalt Alloys include:

  • Super alloys for the aerospace & aircraft industriesindustry
  • cobalt alloy for marine and submarine industries
  • Industrial Heavy gas turbines
  • Pigment in commercial and industrial ceramics and glass industries