Monel K-500 alloy Wires

Monel K-500 alloy Wires.

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monel K500 alloys wire is equal to that of monel 400 except when the age hardened the conditions. It is being said that the monel K500 wires are said to be have greater tendency of cracking in the some environment. This Nickel-Copper alloy is precipitation hardenable, due to the additions of Aluminium and Titanium. It combines the corrosion resistance of Monel 400 but gives the added advantage of extra strength and hardness (as a result of its age hardening ability).

Monel Alloy K500 Wires are available in various types like Monel K500 Wire, ASTM B 865 Monel K500 Wire Bobbin, Monel Alloy K500(UNS No. N05500) Wire Coil, Monel UNS No. N05500 Filler Wire & Monel UNS No. N05500 Wire.

Monel Alloy K500 Wires are widely used in various applications like Springs, pumps, valves, fasteners & chemical processing equipments as well as medical equipments.

Monel K500 Wire Specification

Specification :ASTM B164 ASME SB164
Diameter :0.3 mm To 6.2 mm
Length :10 m TO 100 m
Dimensions :ANSI/AWCI – 01 -1992 and ASTM E 2016-11 and RRW 360
Specialize :Filler Wire, Coil Wire, Electrode Wire, Welding Wire.

applications Monel K500 alloys Wires

  • Ethylene furnace quench boilers
  • Hydrocarbon cracking
  • Valves, fittings and other components,
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Heat-treating equipment
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Super-heater and re-heaters in power plants
  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers

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