Jethete M152®

Jethete M152 Rods,forged rods & Roundbars Available.

Jethete M152,BS S159,MSRR 6503,MSRR 6514,AMS 5719,DTD 5066

Jethete M152 is a creep and corrosion resistant hardened and tempered steel with a usual upper temperature limit of 1040 degrees F (560 degrees C). Jethete M152 has very good toughness and creep rupture strength. Jethete M152 is excellent for use in highly stressed turbine blades as well as turbine discs, screws, shafts, bolts, pins and rings.

Alloy S151 is available in Bar

Related Specifications
Jethete M152
BS S159
MSRR 6503
MSRR 6514
AMS 5719
DTD 5066 

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