Stellite round bars

Alloy 6B / UNS R30016 / AMS 5894

Available in Roundbars,Wires,Sheets,Plates,Welding rods.


Stellite alloys are a group of cobalt-chromium 'super-alloys' consisting of complex carbides in an alloy matrix predominantly designed for high wear resistance and superior chemical and corrosion performance in hostile environments. .

The cobalt-based Stellite™ alloys are our most wellknown and successful alloys, with the best “all-round” properties. They combine excellent mechanical wear resistance, especially at high temperatures, with very good corrosion resistance.

Stellite Alloy Applications

Some of the major applications of stellite include the following:

  • Saw teeth, hardfacing, and acid-resistant machine parts
  • Poppet valves, valve seats and exhaust valves of internal combustion engine
  • M2HB machine gun and machine gun barrels
  • Medical applications including manufacturing of artificial hip joints, other bone replacements and cast structure of dental prosthesis
  • Turning tools for lathes
  • Doctor blades
  • Valve parts
  • Pump plungers
  • Knives
  • Bearings

Stellite Metal Availablity :
Shapes: foil, sheet, strip, plate, roundbars, wire, etc.;

Other relevant :

we also stockiest and suppliers of Hafnium-metals which is high temprature resistance alloys where we supply in the form of roundbars,sheets,plates,coils,wires,weldingrods,pipes,tubes,flanges,fittings and fastners.

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