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Available in Roundbars,Wires,Sheets,Plates,Welding rods.


Tungsten alloy is a metal with an extremely high density and thermal capacity. Not only does it have the highest melting point of all metals, it also exhibits the greatest mechanical strength, very high stiffness and the smallest thermal expansion coefficient.

Temperatures like those on the surface of the sun are required to bring tungsten to a boil (approx. 5,900°C). With a density of 19.28 g/cm³, tungsten is also among the heaviest metals which is why it is used among other things for specific mass balancing. Tungsten takes eighth place in the electrical conductivity ranking. This means it has about 31% of the electrical conductivity of copper.

 we offers the following tungsten alloy products:

  • Tungsten, Nickel and Iron
  • Tungsten, Nickel and Copper
  • Tungsten, Nickel and Copper/Iron Blend
  • Chatter Free Tungsten Alloy
  • Super Chatter Free® / Diemitech® Tungsten Alloy

Tungsten Applications

Here is a list of applications where tungsten is used because of its high melting point, conductive properties, hardness and density, longevity and extremely high durability.
  • Light bulbs, heating elements and nozzles on rocket engines.
  • Welding applications, specifically in the gas tungsten arc welding process (also called TIG welding).
  • In electronics, tungsten is used as an interconnect material in integrated circuits, between the silicon dioxide dielectric material and the transistors.
  • The hardness and density of tungsten are applied in obtaining heavy metal alloys. A good example is high speed steel, which may contain as much as 18% tungsten.
  • Applications requiring its high density include heat sinks, weights, counterweights, ballast keels for yachts, tail ballast for commercial aircraft, and as ballast in high level race cars.
  • In armaments, tungsten, usually alloyed with nickel and iron or cobalt to form heavy alloys, is used in kinetic energy penetrators as an alternative to depleted uranium but may also be used in cannon shells, grenades and missiles.
  • Its density, similar to that of gold, allows tungsten to be used in jewelry as an alternative to gold or platinum. Its hardness makes it ideal for rings that will resist scratching, are hypo allergenic and will not need polishing, which is especially useful in designs with a brushed finish.

tungsten Alloys Availablity :
Shapes: foil, sheet, strip, plate, roundbars, wire, weldingrods etc.;

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