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AMS-QQM-31, ASTM-B-107,AMS 4377, AMS-QQM-44,AMS 4362, AMS-QQM-40,AMS 4350, AMS-WWT-825,AZ31B,ELEKTRON® 43,ELEKTRON® 675,WE54,

Available in Roundbars,Wires,Sheets,Plates,Welding rods.


Vanadium is a strategic metal that is the best strengthening agent for steel.  Only a small amount of Vanadium is required to dramatically increase the tensile strength of steel, making Vanadium one of the most cost-effective additives in steel alloys.

Vanadium Metal – used to produce specialty steel alloys and in the manufacturing of computer hard-drives.

Vanadium-Aluminium Masteralloys – used to improve the physical properties of titanium alloys for use in jet engines, airframes, and other critical-quality applications

Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5) – used in the manufacturing of sulfuric acid and as catalysts and many other high-purity applications.

Magnesium Alloy Applications.:

Chemical Process Industry:
Urea Production, Organic and Fatty Acids, High halide concentrations
Marine Industry and Shipbuilding:
Piping, Pumps, Valves, Heat exchangers
Oil and Gas Industry:
Heat exchangers, Piping, Valves, Pumps
Pulp and Paper Industry:
Bleach plant, vats, drums, press rolls, piping
Power Industry:
Flue gas scrubbers
Desalination plant:
Piping, Condensers

Magnesium Alloy Availablity :
Shapes: foil, sheet, strip, plate, roundbars, wire, weldingrods etc.;

Other relevant :

we also stockiest and suppliers of Jethete M152 which is high temprature resistance alloys where we supply in the form of roundbars,sheets, plates,coils,wires,weldingrods,pipes,tubes, flanges,fittings and fastners.

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